4 Pcs/set Universal Soft Carbon Fiber Sticker Anti Scratch Car Door Sill Protector Scuff Plate Cover(black) 8X-SPEED


  • This door sill is carbon fiber vinyl, it is produced by BMW car body material technology, it has a very smooth surface. The back of door sill has a gas guide slot deeply, the air can be exhausted automatically after it is installed completely. If you park car in opening parking area under the high temperature day and night for many days, door sill will not blister or make any change.
  • The product is thin to 0.3mm. Many and many clients says this products will not affect car door is locked or unlocked; it is 101% fit the car body, it is also can highlight the beauty of car body line; at the same time, there is a strong toughness, and even high heels often trample, it also protects the paintwork very well.
  • The carbon fiber door sill surface are smooth and easy to clean. Whether it is dust or dirt, cleaning the surface with a brush slightly,it will become new immediately. The back of door sill use high-performance adhesive from America, remove door sill after one year, you will find that it is no any sticky residue on car body, not hurting any paint. At the same time, the product look like new, it can be used again and again.
  • The product has strong anti wrinkle ability, we will offer a scraper for free. After the product appears a little crease, please make the product flat on the smooth surface, use the scraper can make the wrinkle smoothly quickly. If it is difficult to make it smooth, it is a good choice to use hot hair dryers to heat the product, then it will become smooth as new one.
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