Aerlit Tatting Shuttle With 2 Bobbins-Cherry Vanilla Notions - In Network SHH2-435

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Aerlit Tatting Shuttle With 2 Bobbins-Cherry Vanilla HANDY TOOLS-Aerlit Tatting Shuttle With 2 Bobbins. These are great and colorful little tools to have in your sewing box! This package contains one 3 inch bobbin and two one inch in diameter bobbins. Available in a variety of colors; each sold separately. Imported.


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October 12, 2013
In my continuing quest for the best tatting shuttle, I tried the Aero. It COULD have been great, but the flimsy feeling plastic material just doesn't give a quality experience. I am not against plastic, I like the Clover tortoise shuttle. I was hoping for a decent quality shuttle with a replaceable bobbin and a hook. If the Aero were better made I would be ecstatic. But no, working with it feels cheap, and the clicking bobbin was annoying.

However, as a beginner shuttle, it would work, at least after the beginners are ready for a hook. It is better to start learning with no hook on the shuttle.
Professor D
June 29, 2015
I wanted to try these types of shuttles for a while. Now that I have I must say that they are a little finicky to work with. The bobbins did not want to release thread easily. It was so hard to spin that the thread would cinch up on the bobbin. So, I spun it several times to break it in. It works okay, but I have to keep squeezing the center when I pull the double-stitches down to keep the bobbin from releasing more thread. Also the tail, or whatever that end is (not the pick) gets caught under the thread when I pull through. It has taken several attempts to get use to working with this type of shuttle. I still prefer my first shuttles for now.
Diane L Reynolds
January 28, 2015
good product
April 30, 2017
Works well for its intended purpose.
Amazon Customer
July 22, 2015
These are absolutely indistructible. It works well, arrived on time, GOT RAN OVER BY A CAR (I dropped it in a parking lot) and to this day works perfectly fine. Highly recomended.

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