Double Bottle Slump Mold

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A stylish way to recycle, this mold fits two 750ml bottles that will fuse into a single two-sided serving try. Or, use fusible glass to create your own clever serving tray for snacks. Makes a perfect housewarming gift. High quality slumping mold from Creative Paradise. Pre-drilled; always remember to elevate molds for proper air circulation. Apply kiln wash before use. See size perspective of mold with quarter image shown. Measures 16-3/8" x 8". Exterior mold measurements listed. Bottle glass is untested for compatibility. For best results make sure bottles are clean, dry and, if possible, the same color and  brand.  Find firing tips, schedules and bottle slumping FAQ's .PDF's under additional images. These will help answer your basic bottle slumping questions as well as give you tips for firing schedules. Image courtesy of Creative Paradise.


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Amazon Customer
June 29, 2016
This mold is great! We love it! We have fired it about 20 times now and haven't had any issues. A great product!

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