Dual-axis AHRS High Precision Waterproof Anti-Vibration Tilt Angle Inclination Alarm Digital Output TTL RS232 Sensor Switch SINDT WitMotion

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Product document: https://wiki.wit-motion.com/english
()Two Axises measurement.
(2)Industrial design.
(3)Range 0 to ± 0 ° (optional).
()High vibration resistance> 300g.
()Output mode: UART TTL.
(6)Full range of precision 0. °, resolution 0.0 °.
()Wide voltage input DCV.
()Wide temperature work -0 ~ + ℃.
()Small size ( * 3 * 2mm) .
(0)IP6 degree of protection.
Main Feature:
Measuring range: ±0
2 Measuring axis : X, Y axis
3 Zero temperature drift : ±0.0
Sensitivity temperature coefficient: ≤0
Frequency response : 00.
6 Resolution: 0.0.
Long term stability: <0.2.
Power on start time : 0.2.
0 Response time: 0.0.
rate: Baud rate support 200、00、0(default)、200、300、 0、200、23000、00、20.
2 output signal:TTL.
3 Average working hours: ≥000Hour / time.
Impact resistance: 300g,0.ms,3 times / axis.
Anti-vibration: 0grms、0~000hz.
6 Insulation resistance: ≥00KΩ.
waterproof level: ip6.
Cable: Standard .0 m length, wear, oil, wide temperature, shielded cable.
weight: g (without packing box).
Packing list
()SINDT(TTL) inclinometer pcs


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Tech Guy
February 1, 2018
The hardware seems ok, it came with a USB adapter, but there was no documentation at all. The website is completely in Chinese. I spent hours with google translate, and this product isn't even on the website. After several emails with the manufacturer, I found the protocol is the same as the 7.1.4 Angle Output section in the JY901 sensor user manual on page 28 on their website. It seems to work. A simple link and reasonable documentation would have made this so much better.
Manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JVTe1gQrWbT-7W_1AM23KBO8TwdrwWRm/view

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