Fancy Black Reflective Mailbox or House Number - 0 - Size 3' - (select size (2'- 6') and digit (0-9) below) - Thick, Die-cut Exterior Grade Gasket-like PVC - not Metal or Rigid Plastic Numbersandletters Inc.


Color Name:Number 0

:2 Inch Mailbox - 1/16 Inch Thick

  • Stick to brick, stucco, wood and more
  • Heavy Duty Adhesive, No nails or screws to rust
  • 1/16" or 1/8" White (most reflective), Gold or Black (least reflective) Reflective Material
  • Slightly Flexible, Thick, Reflective PVC (not rigid plastic)
  • Don't Crack In Extreme Weather Like Rigid Plastic Can
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Our patented Safety Reflective Address Numbers are unique, and perfect for making your address legible for fire and emergency crews, as well as delivery drivers. The products do not "glow", they just reflect light directed at them, like stop signs and other traffic signs. Click on our Storefront above to see other colors and typestyle. The "Color" dropdown above is a system-wide description, but is used to select your digits on our store pages. Shipping cost is per order, not per digit.


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October 9, 2016
Neat product. The black letters show very nicely againsr the mailbox white bacground during the day. At night the black letter reflect very nicely a shiney grey/silver which is very easy to read. Excellent product even 15 months after purchasing. The letters stick very securely to a clean surface. Have purchased a second set.
Midwest Mom
October 30, 2017
Easily applied sticker number for house and mailbox. I ordered a set for my house (painted wood) and my mailbox (painted metal). They are truly reflective. These numbers are visible from the street. I was not sure how being stickers they would hold up but we have had 90*+ days and below freezing temps. Lots of rain and direct sun. The numbers are firmly placed and looking as good as when I put them up. I highly recommend these numbers.
Freedom of Choice
April 1, 2017
Just mounted these to a sign where the originals had deteriorated. Easy to use, MUCH nicer than any at Home Depot and well made. Look classy. Hoping they last!
February 2, 2019
When I had my home's exterior trim painted, I realized how out of style and small the house numbers were. These are such an improvement. I like the style of each number, and the reflective finish is a nice feature. I read other reviews about how hard they are to move once installed, which is a quality I was looking for. To be sure I placed them correctly the first time, I made a template by tracing the numbers on a piece of paper, then carefully cutting them out. I taped the template into place, then placed each number into its spot on the template. Perfect! They're easily visible from the street, and have stayed in place for several months so far. I'd recommend these as an inexpensive update to your home.
October 25, 2017
These adhesive-backed house numbers really are reflective, despite their appearance. The adhesive backing works very well in our application on the red brick facing around our front door.
June 8, 2014
I was looking for mailbox numbers that looked a little nicer than the home improvement store versions I saw and I wanted to match/coordinate colors for my brand new mailbox. I was a little hesitant to purchase these because these just stick on and I worried they wouldn't stay stuck, but they're looking wonderful and have been adhering perfectly so far through both cold and hot weather. I purchased two sizes of numbers, with the smaller ones for the side with the flag. The slight reflectiveness is a bonus - they don't glow, but when driving up to my mailbox at night, you can read the numbers easily. Very satisfied.
scott brown
March 7, 2018
Had my doubts about these numbers, but they have withstood high altitude sun, weeks of sub freezing temps, and many feet of snow. And despite their appearance out of the box, they reflect very well.
December 20, 2014
I was so worried that these were going to fall off my house. You're not supposed to put them on in cold temperatures, so I put them up on the last warm-ish evening before a snowstorm hit, fearing that as the temperature dropped, they'd fall off. That was over a month ago, and they're still up, and that's all I ask of house numbers. They are reflective, in that they catch the light, but all I can see when they're reflecting light is glare-- I can't read the number. But I don't really mind. If I need someone to be able to read them after dark, I turn on the porch light. I do wish I'd gotten larger numbers-- it's hard to judge what they're going to look like from looking at a ruler.

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