HID Kit Computer Warning Canceller Capacitor Anti Flicker Hid Ballast Error Code Eliminator-2 sets Mosley Technology Inc


Color:9005/9006/9012/H10 LED Anti-flicker

  • 1.ATTENTION! This HID Kit Warning Cancellers Only work with HID xenon Light, cannot work with LED light, don't work on JEEP, Mini and Volkswagen Golf.We can not guarantee it works for all car models. IF IT DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU, PLEASE CONTACT US AND WE WILL FIGURE OUT A SOLUTION!
  • 2.The voltage is 9-16V, it can work with 24V autos; and this product is normally used with 35W hid xenon kit, but some 55w of a small part car model can’t be used with it
  • 3.Easy and Simple installation. Usually takes less than 20 minutes! "Plug-and-Play" in most vehicles
  • 4.Apply on H1 H2 H3 H4 H7 H8 H9 H10 H11 H13 880 881 889 9004 9005 9006 9007 5202 HID Lamp Connector, from HID ballast to stock socket, It can solves a problem sometimes encountered when installing HID kits on certain car models, such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi. The CANBUS system in these vehicles causes a computer error warning to be displayed. By using this cable, you can connect the power supply to the HID ballast via this unit. Don't work for Mini Copper
  • 5.100% QUALITY GUARANTEE, Your satisfaction is our TOP priority. 90-day warranty of money back or simply a replacement
Guaranteed ship within 5-7 business days

Our HID Kit Warning Canceller & anti-flicker solves a problem sometimes encountered when installing HID kits on certain car models, such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi. The CANBUS system in these vehicles causes a computer error warning to be displayed. By using this cable, you can connect the power supply to the HID ballast via this unit which resolves the computer error warning.
This cable fits for CARS WITH COMPUTER CONTROLLED HEADLIGHTS, including such car models as Benz, BMW, Audi, ACURA, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Mercedes, Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Saturn, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo, CORVETTE, Hyundai, Sonata, plymouth, voyager, HONDA, CIVIC, TOYOTA, CAMRY, LINCOLN, NAVIGATOR, FORD, EXPEDITION, FORD, EXPLORER, Pontiac, Grand, Prix, Nissan, Altima / 240sx ACURA INTEGRA toyota.
Professionally Solve the error information on the dash board. Make your HID headlights stop flickering. Get rid of computer error warning encountered during the installation of the HID kits. Suitable for all cars that have computer controlled headlights.
Different situations Different solutions
It can solve the problems as below:
The indicator of the instrument panel lights when the headlight is used as Fault Light.
The indicator of the instrument panel doesn't light when the headlight is used as High Beam.
The Xenon lights flash when starting the engine.
The engine stops working when turning on the Xenon lights.
Eliminate the interference of the Ballast to the trip computer
Xenon lights don't light.
Xenon lights keep flashing after installation.
One of the Xenon light works, but the other one doesn't light.
Xenon lights automatically turn off after lighting up for few minutes.
My Lights are Still Flickering? Sometimes, a relay with resistors may be necessary instead of the warning cancellers for some car models.


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Larry Martin
June 13, 2018
Ok, first the device works for my 2009 Dodge Dakota. No codes or flickering have happened to me me at this point.

The only issue I had were the prongs being seated at an angle that initially prevented joining the male end plugging into the female plug of my vehicle harness.

More importantly the vender, Mosely, wrote me back within minutes of my initial concern. They offered a full refund and to make things right.

After using a few different female plugs I got the male prong ends to realign within the respective plug. Ultimately, I got the items to plug together creating a working device. One female plug wouldn't fully seat in a plug, but a few zip ties made sure there is a strong seated connection.

Bent prongs could lead to possible future issues. I refused to bend anything in a relatively inexpensive item just to get it to fit in my vehicle.

The product seems decent so far. More importantly my short contact with this vendor gives me confidence they stand behind their products.

I would have given a 5 star rating, but having to spend more time on aligning the prongs than the actual installation has cost the product a star.

The vendor however is 5 star.
October 17, 2018
Stopped LED headlight flicker for 06 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Read some reviews that said they did not work but took a chance anyways. I hooked them up the way that the clips match but that did not work. So I flipped it the opposite way and they worked great. They do not clip together now but I just used a zip tie to hold them securely together. Had them in for a few days now and they are working flawlessly. I will update if something changes. I would recommend for the price. Just flip them around if they do not work one way.
April 25, 2018
No frills and a great price. Bought these to use in my BMW . Fast delivery
November 28, 2018
I bought these Canbus for my 2015 Wrangler. I was so excited to put them on but one of the canbus connection couldn't connect to my LED bulbs at all, but the other side connected just fine. So..I'm going to have to send them back.
December 2, 2018
Installed on 07 ram with h13 led headlights and it solved my problem of flickering low beams but now the high beams flicker and won't work either. They state it's for a led bulb but I can't get a response to rectify the issue. Bad customer service if you ask me. Will be returning.
September 3, 2018
Very simple install. It's good that it's universal. Helps with DRL issues and the flickering. It's a great price for a 30 second install for each side.
Shannon Lane
May 21, 2018
Did not work on my 2007 Mini Cooper. Still have issues with Flicker and Error Codes.
Seller's customer service did everything in their power to resolve the issue with another product.
Very happy with this seller.
May 11, 2018
So far they work.

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