MacroKing - Caulerpa Prolifera (Five 6in. Strands with Roots) Self Grown

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One of the most sought after algae for marine aquariums and refugiums. Caulerpa Prolifera is sure to be one of your center piece algae for your tank. If you are looking for a nearly indestructible algae, this is it. This is a very hardy green algae. We use this algae extensively in all of our tanks because of its beauty and nutrient uptake. If you are not using algae to eliminate your nitrates you are missing out. In many fish only systems, keeping algae will allow the aquarist to almost eliminate the need for water changes altogether. Also, many aquarists don't know it but macro algae actually use all of the toxins that we must watch so carefully in our aquariums. Ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and phosphates are used by algae as fertilizer and are removed from the water to make for happier fish. Care should be taken when using large quantities of algae for nutrient uptake. The algae will cause a large oxygen and PH swing at night because at night the plants actually use oxygen instead of producing it, thereby greatly decreasing the level of available oxygen for the fish in your tank. 24 hour lights over the algae or the use of additional aeration equipment are two methods that are commonly used to avoid this problem. Please also make sure to remove any dead or sick algae from your aquarium as soon as possible because the decaying algae is very harmful for your fish just like decaying food that is left uneaten. This is a warm water algae that won't shock from typical saltwater aquarium temps! 76 - 84 degrees. Other species may be from cold water climates and will not acclimate to average tropical saltwater temps. Basic care.. Simply float the unopened bag containing your new algae in the tank for about 30 minutes to 1 hour to allow the temperatures to match up. Then place the algae in your tank. Caulerpa Prolifera will attach itself to rocks or subs


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November 4, 2018
I received my algae it was baking hot when it came. I didn’t look good, Put it in my tank anyway and it all died/disintegrated. It caused a massive green hair algae bloom. Basically I paid good money for extra problems.
ronald crum
September 29, 2018
I received the plants fast and in good shape. I put most in a nursery on the side of my tank [ first picture ] and the rest in the tank [ second picture ]. I have had the plants for about 10 days now and they are taking off and growing fast. The reason I didn't put all of them in my tank is because some of the fish like to eat at the plants. Many fish are vegetarians so they do like to browse on the plants. Having the plants in two locations will insure there survival for my tank and the fish.
December 10, 2018
The plants arrived 6 days late since the postal service lost them, but they arrived eventually and we're a bit cold, but recovered nicely in my tanks. Decent sized chunk. Overall happy with plants. Pissed off at the postal service. UPS or FedEx would have been better.

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