Sundesign Stainless Steel Dog ID Tag Clip with Bells SUNZUP ENTERPRISE LIMITED


  • 1.2" length Stainless Steel clip, It’s perfect in Design and Size ! For M/L Dog Collars
  • Set of 2 ! Come With 4 Split Rings in 2 sizes and 2 Bells! Small and Not Bulky
  • Quickly Move Pet Tags Between Collars , Easy to Put On and Quick to Secure
  • Remove the Clip to Quiet Tag from Jingling at Night ,Perfectly for cats and dogs of all sizes
  • For every Sundesign product sold, a donation will be made to a local Animal protection association organization
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The Dog Tag Clips is a simple, stylish, and secure clip that lets you swiftly transition tags to different collars. It's the most versitile in pet tag clips! It fits any collar size yet is compact so that it doesn't hang down too far. When you want to change collars, you just unclip the clips from your old collar and clip it to the new one. It's that easy ! Our stainless steel clips is better than many similar products !


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