TeraFlex 1844502 5' TJ Rear Springs, 1

  • TJ Rear 5" Coil Spring - Pair
  • TeraFlex coil springs are shot peened to reduce spring sag and fatigue.
  • All TeraFlex coil springs feature a limited lifetime warranty against defects.
Guaranteed ship within 5-7 business days

TeraFlex linear coil springs provide a perfectly engineered approach to lifted springs for the Jeep Wrangler. Extensive rate tuning and dynamic balance between front and rear load bias produce coil springs that deliver unsurpassed highway handling and off road performance. TeraFlex has chosen to use the same tried, true and proven linear rate technology preferred by many vehicle manufacturers including Jeep. This results in maximum active coils under load, shock valving and pairing that is consistent through the full range of suspension movement, and predictable handling that meets the requirements for a Jeep equiped for off road travel.


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