Trimming Shop 6mm Spike Cone Studs With Pins For Leather Crafts - Decorative Button Rivets For Handbags Silver


  • INCLUDES: 100 Studs with pins
  • MATERIAL: Made of sturdy and high quality solid brass
  • SIZE: 6mm Width x 6mm Height
  • PIN HEIGHT: 7mm
  • VERSATILE CRAFTING SUPPLY: Can be used for jeans, bags, shoes, belts and other crafts
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Punk Spikes Studs Rivets in Silver, Gold, Bronzes or Gun Metal

Made of Solid Brass

Please don't mistake these with cheap types studs as these are heavy duty

You are buying 100 Studs with Pins

Size: 6mm Width x 6mm Height

Pin Height 7mm

These can be used for all sort of decorate stuff for clothes, Jean, Bags, Jackets, Shoes and Belts and many other cool stuff for fashion.


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