Zone Tech Car Heated Seat Cover Cushion Hot Warmer - Fireproof New and Improved 2019 Version 12V Heating Warmer Pad Cover Perfect for Cold Weather and Winter Driving SE0041

  • ► SOOTHNESS AND WARMTH - The zone Tech heated seat cover provides warmth and comfort. Perfect for cold weather and winter driving. The heated seat cover warms your back and bottom that helps to maintain your metabolism and blood circulation. You can enjoy soothing heat in the comfort of your vehicle. The Zone Tech Cushion Hot Warmer provides soothing heat not only for your tired and sore muscles.
  • ► SECURED STRAPS - The Zone Tech cushion warmer straps makes sure that it holds in place. The Zone Tech heated seat cover has black elastic straps that slide over almost any seat to securely hold the cushion in place. The cushion warmer also has additional straps on the bottom of the cushion and the included hooks can secure the cushion to the underside of your seat.
  • ► PLUG IN - The Zone Tech cushion warmer heats up when you connect it to your vehicle's 12 volt DC outlet and adjust the temperature to your liking. Once your vehicle is running and your Zone Tech heated seat cushion is turned on, your seat will begin to warm. The Zone Tech cushion warmer hi-tech heating fabric uses Far-infrared heating which is built into the fabric, so no lumpy wires to be felt.
  • ► FIREPROOFED & FITS ALL - The Zone Tech heated seat cover is UL approved and constructed out of Fireproofed material to ensure your safety. In addition it is designed to fit in all different sizes of cars or RV seats. The cushion warmer is light and portable so it is convenient to take from one car to another. The cushion warmer plugs into a vehicle's standard cigarette lighter and it heats up immediately.
  • ► TEMPERATURE CONTROL - The Zone Tech heated seat warmer has its own temperature control for your preference of high or low heat. The cushion warmer has a NEW UPDATED remote that can go up to 150 Fahrenheit! Strapped over your warmer seat, plugged it in, choose your temperature and heats up immediately within minutes.
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June 25, 2016
Easy to install and works well. Heats quickly. Will take some time to conform to seat contours. Does not slide, at least not on my cloth seats. Great for easing back pain and muscle tension on long drives. Cycles on an off when left on Hi setting to prevent overheating. Has strong odor initially but it resolves quickly.
C. Ruppel
November 26, 2016
Easy to install. The little hooks, are borderline too small, but they worked. More impressed with how fast it heats up. It will definitely come in handy on my short drive to work, in the colder days ahead. Low heat is plenty warm enough.
N. K. Sindel
January 6, 2017
The LOW is so warm I haven't even tried the HIGH. I can leave it plugged in because my car doesn't power the outlet when it's turned off. Straps are a little tricky-- the little hooks are inadequate and you have to jerry-rig with twisties but, so far, it hasn't shifted around at all.
December 27, 2017
This puts out a lot of heat pretty quickly. I like using it on my 10 minute commute instead of the car's hot air, because it warms up more quickly and I don't like hot air blowing on my face. I also really like it on long road trips with my husband, because he likes to keep the car a lot colder than is comfortable for me. I'm just getting into my second season with this heater, so it has lasted well for me. I find that it stays in place pretty well even though I only use the strap that goes over the headrest.
sharon kanoski
January 2, 2018
This seat worked for one day. It looked nice and where the cord attached looked strong. The LED light still came on, but it did not heat after only several uses. I tried in another vehicle and the same thing. It got hot only a couple time and now will not warm up.
January 15, 2017
Holy Cow! For somebody who wasn't able to afford heated seats as an option this is quite glorious! It heats up quickly and is quite lovely!
April 17, 2016
Keeps me warm in my jeep it has held up for a month and it is going strong. Use it every day.
March 8, 2017
Bought this for my diabetic husband and he adores it!! In our previous car we had heated seats and we loved them (he more than me!). With our present car that was not a feature and without heated seats, I was forced to endure the heat being put on constantly. Now....we just "plug" my husband in, so to speak, and he's a happy and warm man. Love it and would highly recommend.

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